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Wonderful Weird Words

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Don’t you just love English vocabulary? Some words are simply fun to say, like synthesis and lollygag and murmur. You might prefer onomatopoetic words (http://www.vocab1.com/2010/04/improve-your-vocabulary-onomatopoeia/) like hiss or sizzle – or you might be more drawn to poetically descriptive words such as diamantine and munificent, or to culinary terms like fenugreek or rotisserie. Let yourself be drawn into vocabulary study by the wonderful variety of words in the English language, and keep your eyes and ears open for interesting and unusual words to add to your vocabulary.

Here are two words that are unusual because they’re the only two common words in the English language that have all five vowels in order: abstemious and facetious. You’ll find them uncommonly useful additions to your vocabulary.

abstemious (ab-STEE-mee-us) adjective
Definition: Doing things in moderation; in particular, not overindulging in food or drink.
Example: After several years working as a restaurant critic, George began to worry about his health, and on his doctor’s advice, switched to a more abstemious diet and started taking early-morning walks in the park.

facetious (fuh-SEE-shuss adjective
Definition: Not to be taken seriously; using (inappropriate) humor in a serious situation.
Example: We all appreciate Tom’s sense of humor, and he’s a lot of fun at parties, but he’s got to learn that facetious remarks at corporate board meetings and other professional gatherings are not really appropriate.

We’re being completely serious when we say that when it comes to vocabulary improvement, there’s never too much of a good thing. Devour new words daily, and nourish your skill with words!