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Ways to Improve Your Memory Techniques for Exam Preparation (Guest Post)

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Nicole Lewis

The knowledge of some cunning tips may facilitate the process of preparations for your exams. Our memory is a complicated mechanism, which collects tons of information. Our goal is to train this machine every day and to be able to use it in the most possibly effective way.

The session period is always full of stress for any student. In order to pass it successfully, students should stick to a healthy diet and good sleep– these are basic tips that will help to keep your memory in a good condition. Remember that a sound mind is always in a sound body, as well as a sound memory. You can also consider this stressful time like a game that you eager to win. Be easy, be in a positive mood – and follow some memory tricks that we have prepared for you!

Improving your brain activity

However, we are not going to give you only the advice about how to gain information quickly , but give you some helpful resources for annotated bibliography apa style help. There is no other way to get this assistance more favorably and cheap. But first of all, we will share some ground techniques, which can make your memory stronger. Here is what you should consider:

Eating well and properly. Our brain is a complex mechanism, which requires some resources to work in a way the car engine needs fuel. The resources for our brain are elements that we absorb from food. However, some types of food make our brain work better than other ones. Ask a doctor, and he will say that compound fats, amino acids and carbohydrates strongly affect our brain performance. Eating enough of nuts, meat, vegetables, and fruits is what your need to work properly. However, if you have to eat and study at the same time, you should take into account that your brain highlights when your stomach sleeps. That happens because the alimentary canal attracts a blood flow to provide with the vital micro elements.

Have enough rest. Our brain is a brilliant system because it operates quicker than a computer. Moreover, its possibilities are not limited. When it works hard, it needs to get a proper rest. If you want your brain to “chill out” well you have to take care of next components – oxygen, stress discharge, deep sleep. It takes about 2-3 hours to prepare yourself for the brain relaxation. Have an easy walk in the park and forget about problems.

Experience positive emotions. Positive emotions are like a good press into the fresh concrete – the more efforts you put, the higher results you receive. When you experience emotions and new information, you get more chances to keep it in your memory for years. Thus, when you learn something you can mix it with a sense of humor.

Useful Tips and Tricks

And now let’s talk about how to improve memory for studying. There are also a few effective techniques that speed up your brain like a computer. But if you really feel the necessity, get ready for some work.

1) Arranging the space. The arrangement of the room plays a major role in your learning process. It is one of the best memory techniques for studying and fast knowledge gaining. Just make sure everything is put in its places and clean the mess up.

2) Visual helpers. You need to use a visual support. The information will stick into your brain better if you mix it with the colorful pictures, diagrams, and schemes.

3) Don’t forget the old times. Remember your previous highlights, when you managed to improve your knowledge for the shortest period. Concentrate on the strategy. If it works, it should be used unless it could cause a negative impact on your health.

4) Learn to work with your mates. As a social entity, the human is an emotional one. Some people may look indifferent, but they just keep their emotions inside. Everyone performs better when he or she does it with the help of friends. And when it comes to responsibilities, connect your mates and start work together.

5) Regular breaks. When you learn a lot, your brain gets tired. It needs more time to relax and restore its capabilities. Continue learning effectively while having short and frequent breaks on fresh air. These are conditions that contribute to helping your brain relax quicker.

6) Keep eating healthy. How to improve memory for studying? There are several foods, which are known as the powerful brain stimulators. Eat more nuts, fruits, and vegetables every day during the hard learning process. Consequently, you would worry less, but learn quicker!

7) Drink water. When our brain works a lot it absorbs many useful microelements, use their energy and produce some harmful chemicals. As our body consists mostly of water, it requires this vital liquid to deliver these microelements and take away the waste.

Thus, when you have learned how to increase your brain activity, you don’t need to worry about the exams. Use the best memory techniques but try them in practice to make sure to do it properly. Good luck!

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Nicole Lewis is a talented female writer, who is known for conquering the reader’s attention at Global Writers Annual 2015. Now, she is not only a short story writer but also an academic tutor and editor, who can provide you with some professional and experienced help when you really need it! Nicole loves to share several pieces of advice with students from all over the world.