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Vocab1 – Your Questions Answered

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What makes Vocab1 different?

Vocab1 is the only vocabulary learning tool in the world to use a corpus to accelerate learning. A corpus is a massive database of words in usage, developed by linguists (professors who study language).

How do I know a corpus will improve my vocabulary?

Because your brain is hard wired to learn new words through context. Typically, you need to see a new word in 10 different contexts to learn it. Up until now this could take months of reading. With Vocab1 you can read the word 10 different contexts in just a few minutes.

Who made the corpus?

The corpus used in Vocab1 is called COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English) and we created by the talented linguists at Brigham Young University. eReflect have done a special licensing deal to use the corpus in our vocabulary products.

Why don’t other programs do this?

A corpus alone is not enough to produce vocabulary context. At eReflect we did another 6 months of advanced research and data processing in order to extract the contextual usage examples from the database. This was a massive task and it’s the reason Vocab1 is the only program to offer this technology.

What is the difference between Vocab1 and Ultimate Vocabulary?

While Ultimate Vocabulary is a powerful program, it was originally developed in 2006, and a lot has changed since then. Vocab1 is our next generation vocabulary tool for a new era of advanced cloud computing.

The main new feature in Vocab1 is the corpus based learning to create massive context. Vocab 1 has also been completely reimagined in terms of user experience, reliability, and features.

Why is massive context a huge leap in vocabulary learning?

Research shows that our brains are hardwired to learn new words by reading or hearing them in context. In fact, we now believe that is the only way to learn new words effectively. Vocab1 leverages this knowledge by providing multiple examples of real-world context for every word. This means you can get more context in a few minutes than you previously would have in months. This accelerates your learning to almost “superhuman” levels.

What is the difference between Vocab1’s Context and dictionary usage examples?

Most dictionaries only provide 1 or 2 examples, which is nowhere near enough. In addition, the examples are contrived and do not simulate context in the real world. Vocab1 provides dozens of examples that are extracted from actual usage in the real world.

What are the games and activities in Vocab1?

The games and activities are there to accelerate your learning even more and to make vocabulary fun. The games featured in Vocab1 are based on the most popular games from previous products. Only they have been updated and improved. They are now more user friendly, faster, and fun.

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