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Vocab1 Spy Screenshots Revealed

Date Created: Aug 24th 2016 | Categories: Launch |

After a massive response to our special report The Power of Vocabulary Context we are pleased to release a special preview of what is to come.

Vocab1 is the first vocabulary building software to use a corpus directly.

Vocab1 integrates the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) by Brigham Young University.

COCA contains more than 520 million words of text (20 million words each year 1990-2015) and it is equally divided among spoken, fiction, popular magazines, newspapers, and academic texts.

This means Vocab1 can help you learn words faster than ever before, based on research that shows that your brain is “hard wired” to learn words by reading them in context.


Above: Learn with massive context and immersion like never before.



Above: 9 newly updated games and activities to accelerate your learning.



Above: Access 640 built in expert word lists, plus thousands more to be created by the community.



Above: Track your progress and see your improvement.



Above: New social profile and learning.