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Vocab1 EDU Wants You To Have The Power of Words!

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Learning vocabulary is tricky. Teaching vocabulary is also tricky; it’s an open-ended process that’s often laden with setbacks. You try new practices only to realize they perplex your kids rather than support them in learning new vocabulary faster.

New technologies can be the answer, but sometimes they seem a tad intimidating at first. They often appear too complex to set up, much less use. Busy parents don’t need a program that requires you to learn to program software before you even start the first vocabulary lesson.

eReflect’s professional software design team perfectly understands the concerns that homeschooling parents are faced with, and have developed a user-friendly, fun program for learning new vocabulary at home: Vocab1™ EDU.

The program is unique in its curriculum-compatible approach to vocabulary building. What this means for you is that no matter in which English-speaking country you and your family live, the software can be tailored to that region’s curriculum so that you can rest assure your children are learning what they’re supposed to. This is particularly useful for homeschooling parents who need to comply with specific state or school district requirements.

Cloud Based

The EDU release of Vocab1™ is on the cloud. This means that:

– Access is available anywhere, anytime. Going for a 4-day trip to another state? No worries. You can access your accounts from any internet-enabled device and practice vocabulary while on the go! It offers you the ease and simplicity of instant access and instant syncing across devices for smooth, uninterrupted practice day in and day out.

– No installation is required, and you don’t need to download the software on your computers and laptops. It’s all accessible via the cloud.

– Upgrades are handled automatically by the eReflect support team, directly on the cloud, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted practice for you and your children.

A 142,647 word database

Enough said. This is a dictionary-sized database. You can offer your children the opportunity to expand their vocabulary to a greater extent than ever before. This essential skill with words will help them become:

– Better communicators, both writing and speaking

– Knowledgeable, reliable individuals who inspire confidence and respect

– Ahead of the curve when taking high-stakes exams like the SAT and the GRE

– Creative and original thinkers able to express themselves with clarity and precision

What’s equally important for many homeschooling parents with younger children is the fact that vocabulary building with Vocab1™ EDU is fun. The activities, lessons, and games are all designed by language experts so that they optimize the learning experience and ensure the user is engaged, motivated and focused throughout.

Social Media Integration

Vocab1™ EDU is integrated with Facebook. This is an easy way for your children to share their success with friends and family on the popular social network.

After successfully completing any practice session, the user is prompted to share this success on Facebook. By doing so, your kids will feel the satisfaction of having their hard work acknowledged by others, something that motivates them to try even harder so that they can again share their success on the social network.

Recognition of hard work is a fundamental aspect of success, and the work of vocabulary building is no different. So why not offer children the pleasure of sharing their success with their peers?

Fun Learning

Hundreds of lessons, addictive vocabulary games – both new and classic ones – all offer your children a wide spectrum of learning options.

Learning is comprehensive with this cutting-edge software, but best of all, it’s fun. What’s noteworthy about Vocab1™ EDU is how much work has been put into developing a learning environment that’s easy to use and at the same time appealing to users of all ages. Children and adults alike will be eager to try out the various games and activities because everything about the software is so efficiently designed and put together.

Science-driven Learning

But it’s not just fun. The program’s approach to vocabulary building is informed by years of research. Using the latest insights from scientific studies, Vocab1™ EDU promotes learning through an approach known as “depth of processing.” In other words, the user is immersed in a wealth of information for any given word to ensure they master it completely, not superficially. From definitions to real-life usage examples, etymology to spelling, the user masters one word after the other in the most comprehensive manner possible.


Vocab1™ EDU offers a winning combination of science-driven learning and lesson customization. Not two children are the same, so why should their practice sessions be?

Each student can tailor their learning according to their goals, capacity, and needs. If something is too challenging, it can be overwhelming for a student – on the other hand, something that’s too easy can make them feel bored and uninspired to practice further. eReflect strikes a balance by offering practice personalization.

Ease of Use

eReflect has taken ease of use a step further. The user can navigate the software’s environment confidently as soon as they first log in.. Everything is intuitively designed and placed to ensure that the user is confident and comfortable with the interface.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Vocab1™ EDU comes with powerful reporting. You and your child will be able to review their personal progress and analyze their strengths and possible weaknesses through easy-to-understand chart data.

Your child’s progress is tracked automatically by the system, every time they practice. You’ll get powerful insights to help you make data-driven decisions as to how to optimize their vocabulary building even further.

eReflect just gets it.

Don’t make homeschooling any harder than it already is – not when there are solutions you can use to make learning a million times more fun and efficient.