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Typesy Community – A User Forum For Your Touch Typing Learning

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Are you looking for a new touch typing experience?

Look no further for Typesy’s brand new Typesy Community is here to give you a whole new way of learning and loving touch typing.

Typesy Community is an online gathering of like-minded typists to inquire about touch typing-related queries, voice concerns about touch typing-related issues, and get new updates and resource materials straight from the company itself.

All inquiries will be answered by actual experts in the field to create for a more personal and immersive learning experience. Visual tools like videos and pictures that serve as an extension to the working material can also be found here.

But the best part? Typists will be able to interact and connect with each other in a whole new level! Amateurs can learn with amateurs and experts can relate with fellow experts. Typists can even learn from and teach each other.

Now before you get too excited, remember that there is still a process to be apart of this community. Don’t worry, however, as we got the steps for you. Remember: Typesy Community is an extension of the account so only Typesy users can join this online gathering. 

1. Kindly visit http://community.typesy.com/

2. Click on Login – it should redirect you to Typesy Login Page

3. Log in with your Typesy account

4. You will then have access to the community page where one can ask question, provide feedback or answer

5. Topics are categorized according to the related question

Viola! Easy as ABC and 123. Speaking of letters and numbers, let’s get you typing with the fellow typists out there!