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The Single Most Important Element Of Better Writing

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Have you ever struggled with writing a report, an essay, or even an email, and wondered why it’s taking so much time and effort? Have you ever wished for a simple, practical, and long-lasting solution to your writing dilemmas? You might be surprised to learn that the single most important element of writing is something that began when you were just a child: vocabulary building.

Write with accuracy

Although you know more vocabulary words now than you did as a child, the better your vocabulary, the better able you’ll be to talk to anyone. One of the pillars of effective writing is knowing your audience. You address children differently than you would an academic or a doctor. And that’s what makes it even more important to have a broad vocabulary.

Having the right word for the right audience, and using words in the right context, is a highly valuable skill. A scientist who can’t explain the latest discoveries in layman’s terms won’t be able to communicate the team’s excitement about those discoveries. Think about where you work – is there anyone who’s being paid to “translate” for your company? That’s why many businesses have writers on staff, either in the marketing department or in product development (or both). 

Being able to use words with accuracy establishes your professionalism and highlights your expertise on the topic. You’ll leave a lasting impression of excellence whether you’re writing a cover letter for a job interview or creating a report for a company’s rebranding strategy. 

Communicate with confidence

Think of words as the soul you breathe into your writing. Choose the right one and your ideas come to life. Choose the wrong one and misunderstandings creep in to slow down your project or even throw it entirely off track.

However, using the right word is more than avoiding misunderstandings and getting a point across. It’s also about subtly expressing values, skills, and competencies both explicitly and implicitly. A strong vocabulary communicates many things to your readers, including your literacy level, your expertise, the complexity of your thinking, and even your cognitive capacity.

Show off your experience

Your choice of words reveals your expertise and experience. A good vocabulary enables you to think about and communicate your ideas in a clear and influential way. That’s what makes you stand out, and that’s what will open new doors of opportunity for you.

So improve your vocabulary today! Learning new words isn’t something you only remember fondly from childhood. Rather, it’s a lifelong activity that will continue improving your writing skills, your ability to communicate, and your life in general.

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