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If Animals Can Speak, 22 Animal Puns You Will LOVE! (PHOTOS)

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We are now living in a world full of emoticons that would help us in conveying our ideas or communicating with our love ones with fewer words to use (because action or picture speaks louder than words).

Now, animal names are being incorporated to words that we often use in a daily situation. So, If animals could speak, what would they say? Have a look at these 22 crazy pics – and don’t forget to share this if you like it!

  1. Daring With Awkwardness!
  2. Cuteness Overload
  3. Loving the Otter and Lion
  4. But, We Are Still Starting Here
  5. The Koala – KOALAFICATIONS!
  6. Husky Is NOT Fat!
  7. A Fight From The Little One
  8. What Did You Say? BEAR FIGHT!
  9. The Horse Joke
  10. Adventure for Alpaca, Seal Won’t Approve

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