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How To Improve Your Spelling Skills Teacher-Free

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While a teacher or tutor can offer you valuable support when learning spelling, you don’t actually need one to perfect your orthography skills. There are plenty of activities you can practice on your own and improve your spelling efficiency, starting now.

Let’s do a short quiz to start out with. In the comments section below, let us know which words are misspelled. If you’re a good speller, give us the correct spelling, too!








What You Can Do To Improve Your Spelling Level Today

Online Spelling Games

Spelling doesn’t have to be a bore. You can improve your spelling with fun games and interesting activities. There are several free online games you can play that help you perfect your ability to spell even the hardest words.

Fun Brain offers its own spelling game online, in which you need to mark the misspelled word and provide the correct orthography for it.

Try the interactive YouTube spelling game or play the addictive (but oh so efficient) Spelling Bee game by Visual Thesaurus. In this multimedia game, you’ll first hear the word being pronounced, and then get a chance to spell it in the space provided.

Ultimate Spelling is another tool for practicing your spelling. Create your very own spelling list and focus on getting those words right. This is ideal for practicing words that you constantly misspell.

Once you create your spelling list you can play various activities with it, listen to the audio pronunciation and type the word out, figure out its spelling with one or two letters missing, or remove an incorrect extra letter to get the right spelling. Here’s an example list using the names of parts of the body.

Mobile Apps

If you’re into apps, you can try Brilliant Spelling, a free app that offers you activities such as an interactive tutor pronouncing words. It also provides customizability by letting you enter your own word list for practice.

A top rated spelling app that’s free to download is Skill Builder Spelling which is available for Android smartphones and tablets. Spelling Bee is another Android app with over 2,300 words available to learn.

Spoiler Alert! Watch out for the Ultimate Spelling™ OS / Android App SOON.

Ultimate Spelling™ Web Application

For a more rigorous and science-driven spelling practice try Ultimate Spelling™, a cloud-based software that offers you hundreds of lessons, games, and fun activities to improve your spelling.

Not only do you get expert-designed activities but you also benefit from progress tracking, goal setting, and social media sharing features.

What’s more, you can use it on any device that’s Internet enabled so you can practice whenever and wherever you go.

Get a Spelling Buddy

You can play Scramble to your heart’s content online, but nothing can improve your spelling more quickly than a spelling buddy.

Not only will you hold each other accountable for your progress and motivate each other to try harder, but you will also find it more enjoyable and interactive to practice together.

Whether it’s the old classic Scramble or coming up with fun mnemonics for difficult to spell words, a buddy will help you achieve your spelling skill goals faster and in a way that feels more like play rather than boring learning.

Remember that spelling doesn’t have to do with talent or some innate ability. It’s all a matter of practice. You can be a spelling bee champion if you put enough effort in to it!

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