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Get Serious About English Vocabulary At Jim Gould’s www.IntensiveVocab.com

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If you don’t have a lot of time, but need to quickly improve your English skills by learning core vocabulary words, then you need to check out Jim Gould’s customizable quizzes at www.IntensiveVocab.com. He’s identified 1,400 key English vocabulary words that will give you a solid foundation that lets you develop your reading, writing, and conversational abilities. The customizable online quiz format allows you to easily brush up on your English vocabulary when you have an hour of free time, or even just a few minutes to spare. Whether you’re a student preparing for a standardized test like the SAT or a professional looking to advance in your field, you’ll find the resources Jim provides to be very useful.

UV: You’ve picked 1,400 key words for your vocabulary list, and also include another 1,000 words related to the key words, plus synonyms. Are you planning on adding more words to the list in the future?

JG: Yes, I collect words. As I accumulate new batches of words that would be useful additions to the list, I will add them. However, the current list is hand-picked to cover what’s needed for the SAT, as well as for professional life. For efficiency, you won’t find on the list very common words known by most school kids. What you will find are the less common words used by good writers and loved by the creators of the SAT.

UV: Anyone can use the free vocabulary quiz tools for either learning or review just by going to your website, but you also have a registration option. What are the benefits of registering as a student on the site?

JG: Registration simply lets the site remember you so you can leave the site and come back later and pick up where you left off. For efficiency, you don’t want to have to be quizzed again on words you know.

UV: Your “word of the day” utility e-mails new words daily to people who subscribe to the service, and that’s a great way to fit vocabulary study into even the smallest amount of free time. If a person is registered as a student on the site, do the words come from the list they’ve marked as “don’t know yet” or are the words all pulled from the main list?

JG: Currently, the words just come randomly from among all the words. However, it’s a good idea to tailor the list to the student. We’ll look into that!

UV: You’ve divided the quiz sections into “learning” and “review.” How important is review in vocabulary practice?

JG: It really depends on the student and his or her learning style. It’s a quick way to double check that you know the words.

UV: Learning vocabulary is more than just learning definitions – people need to know how to use the word correctly, as well. What support does your website provide to meet this need?

JG: Each of our words is shown in use in a sentence. And we have tried to keep our sentences lively or even amusing in some cases — the better to remember the word!