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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Vocab1 to Improve Your Vocabulary

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Vocab1 to Improve Your Vocabulary

Vocab1 is today’s go-to source for improving vocabulary through enjoyable and science-driven activities and games. It’s unlike any other app because it makes learning fun. But let’s look more closely at the system to see why this software might not be the right choice for you.

You don’t want a fast way to improve vocabulary

Don’t believe anyone that tells you learning new vocabulary is time-consuming. With Vocab1 you can learn new words in a few minutes alone.

The exercises have been developed according to proven science and reputable research to ensure you can build your vocabulary fast and without much hassle. Principles like repetition and active learning ensure you work less but get impressive results.

But if you’re an old-school learner and you prefer your hand-written lists and homemade flash cards, then you might not enjoy using Vocab1’s high-tech solutions.

You think you already know the right words

There are dozens of vocabulary improving apps out there. But which one helps you learn the right words? Probably only a handful.

Vocab1 gives you access to word lists that are specifically tailored around particular disciplines, school grades, and tests to ensure you focus on the words that matter the most to your success right at this moment. The app offers 193 expert-designed word lists to choose from. Talk about choice!

Once you master your vocabulary lists you can take advantage of the dictionary-size word database to expand your lexicon even more.

However, if you believe that you’ve got the vocabulary you need to impress your boss or score high on that important exam, you probably won’t be motivated to use Vocab1.

You don’t enjoy guided learning sessions

Vocab1 2015 offers you step by step guidance so that you can improve your vocabulary through the most efficient path possible.  Featuring video tutorials and guided learning, the app ensures you have the support and encouragement you need to build your vocabulary.

But if you’re a lone wolf and want to plan your own exercise series, then you might not enjoy the hands-on guidance and personalized feedback provided by Vocab1.

You don’t think learning should be fun

Vocab1’s signature feature is its addictive and fun games. You can learn new words the fun way so that you build the motivation to improve even further with each new game!

Play the fun vocabulary games on Vocab1 for under an hour every week and you will be able to understand and correctly use new words without even realizing you’ve been practicing.

The best thing about the system’s interactive games is that you can personalize them with your own imported custom lists.

Still, if you think that the only way to learn is through repetitive review of the same lists over and over again, then Vocab1 is probably not the system you’re looking for.

You’re not concerned with succeeding at work, school, or in your social sphere

Every game and every activity is measured through advanced technology integrated with Vocab1. This achieves two great things:

1) It gives you an overview of your learning progress and helps you identify your weaknesses.

2) It offers you personalized learning recommendations to catapult your vocabulary to new heights.

Tracking your success with Vocab1 gives you the confidence to take your new vocabulary into the real world and use it immediately. However, if you don’t care about measuring your own progress and applying your skills to your own life, then you won’t enjoy using the progress tracking feature of Vocab1, either.

So there you have it. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever why you should use Vocab1 to improve your lexicon – unless you’ve finished reading this article and have changed your mind on any of the points above. If that’s the case, look into this award-winning system right away!

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